TBG International has long been a provider of internet and terrestrial radio programs to the broadcast industry.  TBG International, founded in 1994 by Malcolm Burman, a multi-media communications company, has developed and produced such divergent radio programs as:

  • Different After Dark: The first gay and lesbian oriented show in a major media market.
  • Karel & Company: A socially conscious life style show.
  • Ringside with Johnny Ortiz: An in depth show looking into the world of boxing.
  • The Real Estate Show: Everything you need to know to buy a house.
  • The Auto Show: The truth about auto repair and your legal rights.
  • Cynics Choice: British Comedy featuring the best of British comedy albums and personalities;
  • The Kid from Left Field with Barry Gordon: Political analysis with a left slant hosted by Broadway and film star Barry Gordon.
  • It’s Time to Stop the BS: A political satire with rock’n roller Phil Margo lead singer with the Tokens.
  • Sunday Morning with Jill Barad: An in depth look into California politics.
  • America Swings with Horace Heidt Jr. : A look back to swing music and a look forward to new sounds.
  • Review From the Pew: A movie review show with Rabbi Jerry Cutler and Father Ken Desey.

In today’s world, with its many technical advances, any individual can become a media personality.  Mass communications are no longer controlled by a few, but can be accessed by many. Each week millions of listeners, around the world, tune into podcasts rather than radio.

How would you like your voice heard? Do you have opinions on world affairs or politics or economics or social conflicts or just about anything? Do you have hobbies or passions you want to share? Do you have a product or service to sell?

TBG International and its CEO, Malcolm Burman will create, produce, direct, and even co host a podcast just tailored for you.

TBG International will create a one hour weekly show (13 week minimum) expressly made for you. This includes studio time, engineering, editing, marketing and podcasting on most major streaming platforms (Spotify, Youtube, iHeartRadio) and exclusive access to MalcolmDigitalRadio.com.



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